Tingisha is a Swahili word meaning Shake, derived from its capability to identify service providers in a network by simply shaking phones while searching for the nearest service provider. When the user requires hurried services, he/she can search using the name of the service provider or select categories and shake phone where service provider will show up in the spiral web like. when the service provider appears the user can start chatting and from there they will agree to complete their project/task

Download The App

Download Tingisha App

To download the application just click on the Apple Store or google play store icon above and you will be redirected to Tingisha mobile application for iPhone users or Android users. There are two Tingisha mobile applications. One of them is Tingisha for the end-user who is looking for local home services nearby their location. Another one is Tingisha Business for skilled and professional service providers who wants to provide their services to end-users. You can download both Mobile applications to get the maximum benefits of the Tingisha Mobile App.

it’s so simple - all at the tap of your smartphone and FREE OF CHARGE*!!!


Register on Tingisha App

To register in Tingisha Applications you just need to enter your phone number and with the verification code, you will be able to explore all the features and facilities of the Tingisha application. By registering yourself on Tingisha as an end-user or a service provider you can find various services nearby you or customers to do your business effectively.

Enjoy The Unlimited Services

Unlimited Services on Tingisha

Tingisha mobile application offers a variety of services that are provided by the trusted and skilled professionals who are well verified in their fieldwork. So, you don’t have to worry about the pending task that you have to complete. Just open your Tingisha application then shake your smartphone to connect with the best service provider at your nearest location. You can post your problem, check out your service provider profile, check their reviews, chat with them, and served as well according to your requirements.

You can search for various services such as beauty services, personal care services, agriculture services, home services, local services, shopping services, and many more.

Our Services

Beauty Services Beauty
Spare part Services Spare Parts
Electronics Services Electronics
Clothes and Services Clothes and Services
Vehicle Garage Services Vehicle Garage
Food & Drinks Services Foods & Drinks
Clothes & Shoes Services Clothes and Shoes
Building material Services Building Materials
Agriculture Services Agriculture
Home Services Home Services
Construction Work Services Construction Works
Art & Drawing Services Art and Drawing

About Us

We believe that looking for a skilled and trusted service provider and offering of good services and be trusted should be simple as much as it can be! We also believe that whether you need the service or you are offering the services, the process of initiating, conducting and completing a task should be fluid, effective and stress free!

With a brief in hand we set out to create a system that could connect people but help to organize and streamline the entire project process. After several brainstorming sessions we realized there was only one recurring concept that lent itself perfectly to the requirements of our brief. It was a concept that was intuitive, quick to hand and easily accessible to all!

Daily, we use our mobile phones to organize, communicate, share and discover. So we asked ourselves, why can we not take all of these elements and fuse them together to create a mobile application that solves all the requisites of our brief? and so we did!

In so doing, we believe we have created an application that will re-define the way you conduct your projects from this point forward and with only shaking your mobile phone to one or more service category you can get the trusted and experienced service provider who will work for your project.

Why Choose Tingisha

We have built Tingisha app to be fluid, colorful and easy to read, making your user experience as enjoyable as possible. From your home page you can either search for service provider in your area or create new service provider requests (broadcasts).

Where service users will suggest for you and you will start communicating with them. The application will only pick service providers near to your location so as to remove or decrease the time to reach to you and

perform service Your 'Rate' button is also found on your service provider profile page making it quick and easy to rate service provider upon completing your project. Your results page contains the list of videos

and images of service providers who have been found in your search or have responded to your broadcasts. We have also included a chat page which contains a list of your previously used service providers.

Frequently asked questions

We are hapy to clear your doubts and queries.

To install Tingisha Applications you need to follow the following step, Open Application store (Apps Store and Play store) then search for Tingisha or Tingisha Business, the app will show up and from there you can tap and download the app and start registrations to use

The most rated service providers are the one that shows up in the list of service providers during searching and the rating of the service provider is done when the user has been satisfied with the service.
All service providers found in Tingisha are the service providers that have been approved and visited by the company

To be the service provider you need to have the fully registered phone number and the valid email divress with your working divress.

From the list of services and service category select the service you want to be served and shake your phone , after shaking the nearest service provider will show up , tap one service provider you like and check his/her service and products then start conversations

Yes . It is possible to cancel the request. Since acquiring the service is the negation between the service provider and the requester then the requester can cancel the service by telling the service provider the reason of stopping/canceling the service